Badanie charakterystyk rozrusznika elektrycznego

Study of the electric starter characteristics

  • Józef Pszczółkowski Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna im. Jarosława Dąbrowskiego, Wydział Mechaniczny
Keywords: rozrusznik, elektryczny układ rozruchowy silnika, charakterystyki pracy rozrusznika


The article describes the principle of operation of the electric starter of the starting system of the internal combustion engine. Basic processes and dependencies were described, and the characteristics of the starter's work were discussed. The station for the starter testing, allowing the examination of its characteristics and technical condition when powered by a battery and braking by means of an electro-spin and friction brake, was characterized. The station also allows testing the battery operation characteristics in the conditions of the starter power supply at its constant load. The results of tests of the functioning of the starting system and its components, the battery and the starter in the stationary conditions and while driving the engine crankshaft are presented. The possibilities of using the crankshaft driving signals as diagnostic signals of the state of the battery, starter and combustion engine are indicated. The signals recorded while driving the engine crankshaft by the starter were discussed.


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