Rail transport in supply chains

  • Mirosław Antonowicz Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego
  • Henryk Zielaskiewicz Polskie Towarzystwo Logistyczne
Keywords: multimodal hub, supply chain, logistic network, spot infrastructure, complexity of services


The paper discusses the problem of competitiveness between the rail and road transport with reference to the EU policy for sustainable development of the transport branch. The paper presents the idea of complexity of services which facilitates the development of logistic networks. The authors formulate preliminary assumptions recommended for designing and construction of multimodal hubs. Further, they describe examples of European and Polish businesses which, thanks to the consolidation of services, widened their offer of logistic capabilities. The authors highlight the need for action aiming at the reversal of the unfavorable trend and increasing the cargo flow by rail, and not road. Finally, they discuss the necessity to reform the current freight transport by rail through the construction of comprehensive supply chains.


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