Modeling and simulation of charging and braking regimes of AC/AC powertrain of HEV vehicle

  • Branislav Dobrucký University of Žilina – Department of Mechatronics and Electronics
  • Slavomír Kaščák University of Žilina
  • Michal Praženica University of Žilina – Department of Mechatronics and Electronics
  • Peter Drgoňa University of Žilina – Department of Mechatronics and Electronics
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The paper deals with modeling and simulation of chosen operational modes of HEV vehicle with direct AC/AC transfer and five-phase IM traction motors. Such configuration yields smaller voltage drops compared with the serial AC/DC/AC converter and five-phase machines offer some inherent advantages over their three-phase counterparts. The advantages include reduced electromagnetic torque pulsation and also noise characteristics of the five-phase drives are better when compared with the three-phase ones. Charging and braking regimes were chosen as possible operational modes for modeling and analyses. The result of the simulation. carried out with using of Matlab/Simulink are given in the paper.


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Efektywność transportu/Transport efficiency